Brrr! Miffy In The Snow app gets wintery on iPad

Good news for fans of Dick Bruna’s cartoon bunny Miffy: she’s returning to the App Store with her latest app, Miffy In The Snow.

Released by Sanoma Media, it’s her fourth iPad app following Miffy’s Garden, Miffy Goes Flying and Miffy at School, which have all been released in 2012.

Aimed at toddlers and pre-school kids – although our five year-old has also enjoyed the previous apps – this sees Miffy donning her best Winter clothes and heading out into the snow for a spot of sleigh-riding.

Like those other apps, you get the text and illustrations from the original book, with extra interactivity: in this case, building a birdhouse for a shivering bird, throwing snowballs at a snowman, matching pairs of pictures and creating e-cards.

You and your children can also record your voices reading the story, with room to store up to three versions. We’ve found this to be something our own kids really respond to, even if they sometimes go off-piste with their interpretations of the words!

Miffy In The Snow costs £2.49 on the App Store, and is iPad-only.

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