Disney debuts UP: My name is Dug iPad storybook-app

Remember Pixar’s animated movie UP? The One With The Old Chap And The Balloons. Well, remember the dog character, Dug? There’s a brand new iPad book-app for him.

It’s called UP: My name is Dug, and was released on the App Store this week. It’s not based on the film, though: it’s “a new lovely adventure with Dug and his friends” – an original story.

That said, the voice narration does include voices from the film. The story focuses on Dug introducing your child to his pack, while hunting for a colourful bird. Disney promises lots of tappable interactivity as your children read, or are read to.

UP: My name is Dug costs £2.49 on the App Store, and is iPad-only.

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