Appy fun with Mr. Potato Head Create & Play

Who could have predicted that Mr Potato Head would still be a popular toy in 2012? The Toy Story films helped, of course introducing the character to new generations of children.

Now he’s starring in his first mobile app: Mr. Potato Head Create & Play. Launched by Callaway Digital Arts, it’s a creative app where you customise your own Potato Head.

Callaway promises more than 200 body parts which can be mixed and matched, with no restrictions: “Put an arm where an ear should be, and any other crazy combination…”

Once made, your child gets to take the little fella on adventures to places like Pirate Island, Jungle Volcano, Candy Village and Wild West. They take the form of animated scenes where he meets other characters and animals, and poses for photos.

We’ve been playing with the app this morning, and it’s fun. It’s also a freemium app, which is important to be aware of: the app is free, but you have a very limited number of body parts and no adventures when you start.

To get more, you use virtual “tickets”, with a range of new body-part sets and adventures available for three tickets each.

You’re given eight tickets for free when first downloading the app, but after that you pay via in-app purchase: £1.49 for three, £2.99 for eight or £6.99 for 20. The in-store shop is easily accessible, so make sure you’re on top of your in-app purchase settings before handing your device to a younger child.

Anyway, assuming you’re comfortable with the IAP, Mr. Potato Head Create & Play is a treat. It’s a free download from the App Store and runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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