Red in Bed brings colour and sound to iPad and Android

Story app Red in Bed caught our eye thanks to its beautiful, simple and colourful illustrations.

The app tells the tale of the seven different colours, and what happens one day when Red is ill. While Red stays in bed, the other colours rally together to colour the objects around them, until Red is better and can help put things right.

The app is very simple to use: when your child taps on a colour, it jumps up and sounds a note – and you can ‘play’ more than one colour at a time so it’s great fun for little fingers.

Another nice touch is the setting where you can choose whether to have the ‘u’ in the word colour – as Brits, we appreciate this! The text is also available in French, Spanish and Hungarian.

We think kids under four years old would like this story the best, as they begin to learn the different colours and how these relate to the objects around them.

The only down side is that, as yet, there is no narration – but it is a lovely story to read with your child as you make music together.

Red in Bed costs £1.49 for iPad, and is also available for Android tablets at £1.27.

To see a demonstration, check out the video below:

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