Hopscotch HD iPad app teaches kids to code

There are a growing number of apps that want to teach children computer programming skills, from last year’s Move The Turtle to the recent Hakitzu: Code of the Warrior.

Now meet the latest: Hopscotch HD. It’s an iPad app with an “easy-to-use visual programming language” designed to get kids coding games and animations.

“Inspired by MIT’s Scratch, the Hopscotch programming language works by dragging and dropping method blocks into scripts,” explains its App Store listing.

“When you’re done with a script, press play to see your code in action! As you get more advanced, you can add more objects and use custom events, such as shaking and tilting the iPad, to run your code.”

Hopscotch HD is aimed at children aged eight and upwards, with the aim of getting them interested in computer science in advance of more formal education in the years ahead.

“We’re not aware of any other products quite like ours. No other programming language has been designed to be used on a mobile interface,” explain its creators in a blog post.

“So I think we can safely say that, in addition to making a beautiful and ‘addictive’ product, we’ve also built the first language made specifically to be programmed on a mobile device. That’s something that we’re really proud of.”

We’re excited by the potential of apps like this and Hakitzu, as children realise the creative potential of coding on their tablets. We’re eager to see how both apps develop.

For now, Hopscotch HD is a free download for iPad.

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