Bloomsbury launches Pirate and Princess Activity iPad apps

Book publisher Bloomsbury has released a pair of new iPad apps for kids that promise piracy and princesses in equal measure.

Bloomsbury Pirate Activity and Bloomsbury Princess Activity have similar features: puzzles, digital stickers and colouring, mini-games and animation, designed to appeal to kids with a yen for yo-ho-ho action and/or dressing-up fairytales.

(Yes, you could say that the Pirate Activity app is aimed more at boys and Princess Activity at girls, but we know a fair few girls who’d rather play with pirates than princesses, and vice versa for a number of boys.)

The Pirate Activity app sees kids finding their way through a maze to reach treasure island, creating scenes and stories with stickers, cracking codes, counting skulls and copying/colouring scenes with a cat and parrot.

The Princess Activity app, on the other hand, is more about dressing up a group of princesses – and using the camera to put themselves in the app – as well as creating scenes and stories, finding their way to a magical carriage, and playing a memory game. And lots of pink.

Bloomsbury Pirate Activity costs £2.99 on the App Store, while Bloomsbury Princess Activity also costs £2.99 – both for iPad only.

Now, are we the only people to be sneakily wondering whether a combined Pirates’n’Princesses app might be fun? Anyway, here’s a video demo of the pirate app:

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