Toca Boca Android apps coming soon, starting with Toca Hair Salon 2

Toca Boca has become one of the most-loved children’s app publishers on iOS, but when will there be Toca Boca Android apps? Soon.

The company announced on Twitter this morning that it’s bringing Toca Hair Salon 2 to Android devices.

The app will be available on the Google Play store, judging by the teaser image accompanying the tweet, which we’ve embedded below.

Today’s news isn’t a huge surprise to people who’ve been following the company closely. In October last year, Toca Boca started advertising for an Android developer to port its apps from iOS.

Late in 2012, the company also released Toca Hair Salon 2 for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, which uses Android technology.

Here’s the tweet and teaser image:

With more than 30m paid and free app downloads on iOS so far, Toca Boca making the leap to Android is big news for Google-powered smartphones and tablets.

If you’re an Android-owning parent, what are your thoughts on today’s news, and what Toca Boca apps would you like to see on Android in the months to come? Let us know your views with a comment.

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