Apple’s iOS 7 App Store gets new Kids category, searchable by age-range

If you’re a parent with an iPhone or iPad, you’ll know how hard it can be to find great children’s apps on the cluttered App Store. It’s one of the reasons we set up Apps Playground in the first place.

Well, Apple has heard your cries of anguish. Tonight, as it unveiled its next big software update, iOS 7, it showed off a redesigned App Store including the ability to search for apps by age group in a dedicated Kids category on the store.

“Parents are going to love this,” said Apple’s Eddy Cue as he unveiled the new feature. We think he may be right.

Here’s how Apple’s iOS 7 webpage explains the new feature: “Now parents and teachers can quickly find apps that are perfect for children. Just visit the new Kids category for a curated selection of age-appropriate apps.”

There was no news on whether iOS 7 will include any new features to safeguard parents against kids overspending on in-app purchases – although that may emerge in the coming weeks as developers get to grips with the new software.

The fact that there’s now a specific Kids category means Apple may be able to set different rules for it, such as limiting the maximum in-app purchase amount – a potentially good move given the rash of big brands selling £69.99 virtual item bundles in children’s games.

iOS 7 will be released later this year as an update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We’ll keep you posted on any other parent-friendly features that emerge.

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