Little Zebra Shopper app turns iPad into a barcode-scanning cash register for kids

Little Zebra Shopper is an iPad app for children who want to play shopkeeper, which is something we’ve seen before in Toca Boca’s Toca Store app. But this new release has a twist.

Described as “the first scanner cash register app for kids”, Little Zebra Shopper works with (pretend) physical products, which your children can scan using the iPad’s camera.

Pretend? Well, there is some work for you to do as a parent: downloading a free PDF file from the developer’s website, printing out its products on “sturdy” paper, and then cutting/folding/sticking them together to make items for sale.

Each has its own scannable barcode, which is where your kids get to point the iPad’s camera and play till-worker. It’s a great idea for a children’s app.

Little Zebra Shopper is a free download for iPad from Apple’s App Store, although it uses in-app purchases.

The way that works is that some of the products on the PDF are free to use when scanned by the app, but other sets prompt an in-app purchase: 69p for ‘Dinner’, 69p for ‘Breakfast’ and 69p for ‘Nicky’s Candy Store’ for example, with each including five products.

That seems fair enough to us. The app has made us think though: what if you could also create your own barcodes to print out and stick on any household objects you liked? That could be fun, and we’d happily pay another 69p for that feature.

Anyway, we think Little Zebra Shopper could be very fun indeed, so give it a try and let us know what you think. Here’s a video teaser:

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