Leo’s Pad spawns two new apps: Leo’s Colors and Leo’s Songs

We first wrote about Leo’s Pad back in October 2012 when it launched as a plush-production-values animated cartoon delivered in episodes through an app.

Since then, that main app has got more episodes and spawned a Leo’s Birthday Card Maker spin-off. Now there are two more apps for the family: Leo’s Colors and Leo’s Songs.

Leo’s Color is a mini-game for children that sees them mixing colours in a laboratory to create rocket fuel, learning colours and sequencing skills as they go.

Leo’s Songs, meanwhile, is an app just for the educational songs from the main Leo’s Pad app, encouraging kids to sing along with the Follow Your Dreams, Try Again, Practice is Perfect and You Are An Inventor tracks.

(You can guess the general tone of their sentiments from the titles.)

Leo’s Colors is a free download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and Leo’s Songs is also a free download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In both cases, the aim is presumably to introduce parents and children to the characters and (impressive) graphics, in the hope that they’ll try the main Leo’s Pad app.

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