Disconnect Kids app teaches children about online privacy and blocks browser-trackers

There’s been a lot of talk in recent months about apps and privacy, particularly when it comes to children’s apps and any information they gather on the kids who are using them.

Most of that talk has been between app developers, advertising companies, app store owners and industry regulators, with parents and children left out in the cold a bit. A new app called Disconnect Kids wants to bring them back into the debate.

“Disconnect Kids is a fun and unique educational app that teaches children (and their parents) about online privacy,” explains its App Store listing.

“Disconnect Kids also actively blocks requests for data about your web-browsing and in-app activity from the biggest mobile tracking and targeting services. It’s the first (and only) iOS app that prevents this personal data from ever leaving your device.”

The explanations come in a digital comic-book format, as well as two animated videos. Meanwhile, the blocking feature covers “the 20 most prevalent trackers of mobile browsing and app activity” that kids may encounter (even if they don’t realise it) while surfing.

Who’s behind it? A US company called Disconnect which makes a web browser plug-in with similar anti-tracking features for your computer. This is their first mobile app, as far as we can tell.

Disconnect Kids is a free download for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store.

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