Tottenham Turfies football games to launch for young Spurs fans

We’ve seen lots of different companies launch mobile and online games for kids based around virtual characters, but never a football club. English team Tottenham Hotspur is becoming the first.

Today, they announced something called Tottenham Turfies, aimed at 7-10 year-old Spurs fans around the world. It’ll see kids creating their own avatars – Turfies – to play with in a virtual world and series of mini-games.

It’ll be accessible on computers, iOS and Android devices – it’s an HTML5 website so runs in the browser of all of those – with the football-themed mini-games including Topsy Turfie, Training Run and Dodge’n’Dribble.

The idea: children will play the games, earn points and compete against their friends, swapping virtual gifts and player cards as they go. The trophies, medals and coins that they earn in Tottenham Turfies can be converted into real-world prizes too: club fun days, stadium tours, open training sessions and merchandise, for example.

The club says that a parent’s email address will have to be given when registering, and that kids won’t be able to message or chat to one another within the Turfies world, to ensure they stay safe.

“We wanted to make Tottenham Hotspur Football Club more accessible to a younger age group and reach out to the next generation of fans around the world who will play a vital role in the future of the Club,” says Spurs chairman Daniel Levy.

Tottenham Turfies was created by a digital agency called Hangar Seven, who’ve worked on projects for Disney, CBBC, Cartoon Network and Lego, so it should be good. Our one caveat, though, is the fact that it’s based on a single football club.

Think about a group of kids who all support different football teams. Wouldn’t it be more fun if they could all have avatars from their respective clubs, competing in the mini-games? Perhaps there’s scope for other teams to launch their own Turfies if the Spurs one does well.

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