Yarrr! Wungi Pirates app gets kids sailing the high seas

Both our sons quite fancy careers as pirates. For that, we blame Kwazii and Calico Jack from the Octonauts…

A new app called Wungi Pirates may fuel their piratical ambitions. Released this week, it’s a “toy-like adventure app for kids in a fun and colourful pirate universe” that gives children plenty of freedom to play.

They can steer a ship, fire its cannon in cartoonish sea battles, dig for treasure on islands, and even fly a parrot. Peter Hofstede, who founded its developer Wungi, tells us the aim is to make a “sandbox” game where new activities can be added in future updates.

We like the cut of its jib. Wungi Pirates costs £1.99 for iPad from Apple’s App Store. Here’s a video showing off its charms:

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