Swapsies Sports is a mix’n’match game for kids


Kids love mix’n’match books: the ones where you can match up different heads, bodies and feet by turning sections of pages. Swapsies Sports is an appy equivalent of that idea.

Released by developer Spinlight Studio, it gets your children to mix and match kits from 10 different sports: football, basketball, baseball, American football, ice hockey, tennis, golf, boxing, cycling and skateboarding.

There are six characters to dress, and thousands of potential combinations to try out. But this isn’t just about mixing and matching: whenever kids make a match, they get a simple mini-game based on that sport, from flicking pucks into an ice hockey goal to pedalling a bicycle.

The separate Quiz Me mode asks questions about each sport, which in each case involves tapping on clothing or an item related to the character on-screen (e.g. “What else does a soccer player need?”). It’s fun and accessible.

Swapsies Sports costs £1.49 for iPhone and iPad on Apple’s App Store.

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