Yo! Bum rush the alphabet with My Little AlphaButts app


Po-faced parents should steer clear of My Little AlphaButts as a way to teach the alphabet to their children. But it’s making us laugh like drains.

Released for iPhone by developer JoJo Beanyhead, it’s an A-to-Z app delivered entirely through cartoon bottoms and, er, how can we put this: trouser coughs. Bottom burps. Stinky pops. Or whatever other phrase you and your children use to describe farts.

That means 26 pictures, each with a bare bottom as part of a letter shape. Kids tap on the bum to hear the letter and then an accompanying noise. It’s a different one for each letter too, from loud, sudden trumps to drawn-out whistles. Sorry for the detail.

There’s a bonus “Fart-o-Matic” section that just makes the sounds when children tap on number-bubbles from one to 28, complete with an option to play them all one after the other – something we’d say is guaranteed to reduce the average child to tears of mirth.

My Little AlphaButts costs £0.69 for iPhone on Apple’s App Store, although it works fine on iPads too.

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