A rock’s not out of the question with Geology by Kids Discover


We like the Kids Discover series of education apps: they’re well-designed iPad collections of bitesized text about interesting topics, complemented by illustrations, 3D models, photos and videos.

The latest came out this week: Geology by Kids Discover. The name gives you a clear idea of the subject matter: “Kids will learn all about rocks, minerals, and the study of Geology as they take an interactive tour thru the rock cycle, visit Stonehenge in 3D, and learn how fossils form in this interactive reading app,” as the App Store listing puts it.

As usual, there are 3D models; video and audio; photos, cartoons and animations; quizzes and puzzles, as well as text about the planet, gemstones, fossils and other geological phenomena.


It’s all clearly presented with an emphasis on big images rather than huge slabs of text, making for an accessible and entertaining read rather than a dry slog.

Geology by Kids Discover costs £2.49 for iPad on Apple’s App Store.

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