Toc And Roll music app helps kids compose their own songs

Toc and Roll by Minimusica

Children are natural songwriters, when you think about it. Well, initially song adapters might be the best phrase: singing songs with their own words swapped in (yes, usually “bum” for our boys), but moving on to making up their own tunes too.

Toc And Roll is a brand new app that aims to tap into this and encourage kids to compose their own music on iPhone and iPad. It’s the work of minimúsica, an initiative from Barcelona-based indie music label Sones to get kids into music.

“Like a portable studio, Toc And Roll gives children the chance to mix different instruments on a virtual multitrack,” explains its App Store listing. “They can add effects, record their voices, and then share the results with the world.”

The app includes more than 1,000 sounds from 10 instruments  – electric and acoustic guitar, bass, drums, piano, glockenspiel, percussion, trumpet, saxophone and violin – for kids to play with, adding their own singing on top, then messing about with effects including delay, reverb and vocoder.


They can tweak the tempo and volume, give their song a name, and then share it with the world. Share it? This is where you may wish to help out as parents if your children are a bit younger, since the sharing options are YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The presentation is colourful and clear, with some cartoon characters to personify the various instruments. The app looks really fun – we can see a fair few parents playing with it after their kids have gone to bed, too!

Toc And Roll is a free download for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store, with no in-app purchases or ads.

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