Duckie Deck Monsters app isn’t so frightening

duckie-deck-monstersAre your children scared of monsters in the night? A new app called Duckie Deck Monsters might be just the thing to ease their fears.

Released by developer Duckie Deck, which has made a succession of fun children’s apps over the last year, it aims to show that monsters aren’t so scary after all.

“At first glance they may seem like creepy dark shadows, but switch on the lights and you’ll uncover a bunch of cuddly creatures who are ready to play,” explains its App Store listing.

There are 10 to play with, each with their own ways of being interacted with, from tickling to nicking their hat. They’re distinctly cute and unthreatening, albeit without losing that essential essence of… monsterness!

“Most youngsters have a fear of the dark at some point. With the help of Monsters, we want to enable kids to not only adjust to the dark, but to befriend it as well,” explains Duckie Deck. “Soon, their active imaginations will be transforming the spookiest shadows into jolly characters.”

That’s what the real appeal may be here: it’s not just a fun app to play on-screen, but something to think about in the evening when the lights go out, to help your children get to sleep peacefully.

Duckie Deck Monsters costs £0.69 for iPhone and iPad on Apple’s App Store.

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