Help your kids stay in bed with the Sleepasaurus app


As alarm clocks go, a dinosaur would be one of the more startling things to wake up next to. Thankfully, in new app Sleepasaurus, it’s entirely benign.

Released by developer Wee Taps, the app is designed to be used on a device that stays with your children as they go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning – perhaps an older iPhone or iPad, if you’ve upgraded to newer models.

It all works with dinosaurs, anyway. Your child chooses one of seven cartoon dinosaurs they’d like to have sleeping in their room, then you use the parental section to choose what time the creature will wake up in the morning.

The app can also play music both while your child is falling asleep and when it’s time for them to wake up, and acts as a nightlight too: although you’ll need to plug it in for that, so the battery doesn’t run out.

The theory here is that if their dino pal is still sleeping, children will know it’s not yet time to get up. Experience with our sons’ sun/moon clocks – designed to fulfil a similar function – tells us that you may still have the odd cheeky visitor at 5am in the morning!

Still, this is a nice idea, and if you have a spare device, it’s worth a try. Sleepasaurus – Dinosaur Sleep Trainer for Kids costs £1.49 for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store.

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