Duckie Deck With Teeth makes mouthcare fun for kids


“Time to brush teeth!”


“Don’t be silly! Time to brush those teeth!”

“No. No.”

“Look, I’m not joking, it’s time to brush your teeth now, we’re already late for bed.”


That, in a nutshell, is the pre-bedtime fun in our house, more often than not. And that’s just the grown-ups, etc etc… No, in all seriousness, dental hygiene can be a sensitive subject for parents, keen not to give their children a complex about brushing their teeth, but all the same, keen to make sure those gnashers stay pearly-white.

Making Teeth Brushing Fun has been a challenge taken on by various companies – app developers included. The latest to have a go is Duckie Deck, with its new app Duckie Deck With Teeth.

“With Teeth not only makes brushing a lot more fun, it also shows a fun variation on tooth growth and development,” claims its App Store listing.

“Design your own special set of teeth, fangs and tusks, adjusting their shapes and sizes any way you wish until they’re ready to chomp. Munch down on a tasty snack and see how grimey your new teeth get. Then brush it all away for a bright and shiny smile.”

The idea is to make the idea of brushing teeth fun for children, in the hope that when you do prod a real toothbrush towards their mouth, they won’t shout at you. Well, it’s worth a try!

Duckie Deck With Teeth costs £0.69 for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store.

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