Get digging for dinosaurs with Dino Dog’s new app


As a child, I quite fancied a career digging up dinosaurs, based on several eye-opening visits to the Natural History Museum in London. I never quite managed it.

Perhaps I should have got a dog or bear in to help. Developer StoryToys‘ new app is all about Dino Dog and Bonnie the Bear, two characters who “travel the world in search of amazing dinosaurs”.

It’s a departure from the developer’s traditional focus on pop-up storybook apps. This is part cartoon, part digging/exploration game, and part educational app.

The app is divided into different digs around the world. You burrow down tunnels looking for dinosaur bones – among other underground features – then chip away at the rocks around them, clean the bones and put the dino skeletons back together.

The animated bits tell a story around all this – Dino Dog and Bonnie are fun characters who we think your children will warm to immediately – and there’s plenty of information about the various dinosaurs (Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex etc) too.

The blend of action, animation and education works very well, although my five year-old struggled at one point because he didn’t realise he had to grab a nearby power-up in order to dig through some harder rocks on one mission.

(In fairness, the voice instructions are very clear: he just wasn’t listening to them enough!)

Dino Dog – A Digging Adventure costs £1.99 for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store.

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