Compete with your kids in Duckie Deck Card Wars

duckie-deck-card-warsPlaying any form of card game with my five year-old is a bit tense: if he starts losing, there’s always a chance he’ll sweep all the cards off the table and stomp off to the garden hollering. He’s competitive (translation: a bad loser!)

So, the idea of playing card games against him on the iPad is an interesting prospect. Positive: no cards to sweep off the table. Negative: an iPad to hurl across the room. I know what I’d rather be picking up off the floor in 52 pieces…

Still, I really like Duckie Deck Card Wars, a new iOS app that launched this week. Pitched as a “cross-generational card game”, it’s as good for parents and children to play together as it is for kids, whether they’re siblings or friends.

There’s an educational focus too. “Card Wars is an opportunity for young kids to practice counting up to ten while also matching value to numbers. They will hone their mathematical and deductive reasoning skills, while learning the basic rules that are inherent to most card games,” explains its App Store listing.

“Just flip a card from each player’s pile, and decide which one wins the hand. Cards feature playful court characters with varied hobbies, as well as complimentary objects to help with counting.”

It’s easy to get to grips with, and the design is really nice: colourful and clear virtual cards with some very fun-looking characters. Duckie Deck stresses that there are no ads or in-app purchases involved, too.

Duckie Deck Card Wars costs £1.99 for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store. If you’re playing it, let us know your experiences by posting a comment!

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