Doctor Who coding-for-kids game comes to iPad and Android


Last October, we wrote about a new web game launched by the BBC called Doctor Who: The Doctor and the Dalek, which was aiming to get kids interested in computer programming.

Now the Beeb has launched a new version for iPad and Android tablets, which is good news for children who prefer to play and learn on touchscreen devices.

The idea remains the same: Doctor Who has rescued a broken-down Dalek, and needs to upgrade its skills and turn it into a force for good, as he battles Cybermen, Sontarans and other Daleks.

The action levels are broken up by programming-related puzzle sections, which get children to start thinking like a computer in order to solve the puzzles and give their Dalek new powers.

It’s a nice idea, and one that made for a very fun game online, as it looks to have done now on tablets. This being an official BBC app, though, it’s only available here in the UK.

Doctor Who: The Doctor and the Dalek is a free download for iPad from Apple’s App Store. It’s coming to Android today as well, so we’ll update this story with a link once it’s live.

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