Dino Tales app gets kids turning dinosaur facts into stories


One of the most inventive educational games we’ve seen in recent years was Hakitzu Elite from developer Kuato Studios. Now they’ve got something new for young app gamers: Dino Tales.

Released for iPhone and iPad this week, it switches the battling robots of Hakitzu Elite for talking dinosaurs, and the last game’s focus on learning to code for an emphasis on storytelling.

We’re certainly intrigued. Aimed at 4-10 year-olds, Dino Tales gets children exploring a prehistoric island with six baby dinosaurs, with caves, rivers and an erupting volcano among the scenery they’ll find along the way.

The app offers a mixture of mini-games and education, with a friendly dinosaur called Darwin on hand to provide “thousands” of facts about the dinosaurs and their environment. Children ask Darwin using a scrolling sentence constructor, so the app is getting them to think about question construction.


Storytelling? That’s another nifty feature: “The game captures each play session and turns it into an enchanting Storybook to be shared and read with parents and loved ones,” explains the app store listing for Dino Tales.

So, children can concentrate on exploring and playing, with that then turned into a story. Parental features enable you to set each child’s reading age, to make sure the stories aren’t too easy (or too difficult) for their abilities.

Dino Tales costs £2.99 for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store. We think it’s the perfect treat for dino-mad youngsters.

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