DNA Play app teaches kids about genes – with monsters!


DNA, genes and mutations may sound like a super-serious theme for a children’s app, but in the hands of DNA Play from developer Avokiddo, it’s marvellous fun.

Released for Android and iOS, the app aims to introduce children to concepts around genetic science in an approachable way, by completing a series of DNA puzzles to build monsters.

“Start with a basic unformed figure and complete the six gene puzzles to give it a fully grown torso, face, eyes, mouth and limbs,” explains its app store listing.

“Then tweak the genes or simply tap on the creature’s body parts to trigger mutations. Observe how the tiniest change in the DNA code can lead to unimaginable new characteristics.”

The appeal of this app rests on the character of the resulting monsters, and there it succeeds beautifully: they’re cute and funny. And there’s plenty of variety built in, so your children can keep experimenting to find the more than 200 billion (!) unique combinations.

We love the idea, and also the fact that it’s designed to spark further conversation: a parents’ section provides more information if you’re new to this area yourself, thankfully.

DNA Play costs £2.29 for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store, and £2.29 for Android from the Google Play store.

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