Hopscotch kids coding app shrinks down for iPhone


Hopscotch has been one of the most popular apps trying to teach children programming skills: it’s used in lots of schools, but also on iPads in kids’ homes.

Until now, Hopscotch hasn’t been available on the iPhone though. That changed this week with its latest update, which shrinks everything down for the smaller screen.

That’s involved a big redesign, but the new iPhone version works in the same way as the iPad edition: children drag blocks of code into place to make things happen on screen, whether they’re making games or animation.

More than four million people have downloaded the iPad app for their children, and a growing number of those children will now be old enough to have their own smartphones – including iPhones passed down from their parents.

The idea of being able to practise their programming on the bus or train while going to and from school, or simply in the back of the car when on a family trip, is a good one.

“This new product on the phone is a big deal for us,” Hopscotch founder Jocelyn Leavitt told Apps Playground. “It will be the first ever programming language designed to be used by non-coders on a phone, which is many young people’s first and only computer.”

There have been some coding apps for kids on iPhone before: Code Warriors: Hakitzu Battles is one example, although The Foos Coding 5+ and CodeQuest are more directly comparable to Hopscotch in their tone.

Still, it’s really good to see Hopscotch also targeting the smaller screen. Whether your child already uses it on iPad, or is completely new to the app, it’s well worth having a try.

Hopscotch is a free download for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store.

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