Teddy Bear Passport app stamps children’s travels

Teddy Bear Passport

We all know about teddy bears going to picnics, but how about getting on planes? A new app called Teddy Bear Passport could be handy for that.

Released by developer E-Creation Limited, it’s a fun idea for parents of any child who takes their teddy everywhere with them. Now, the bear can get their digital passport stamped along the way.

“Use the Teddy Passport / Travel ID Card maker to build a unique passport for your travelling teddy bears and toys, with pages for stamping all kinds of local journeys and international travels,” explains its App Store listing.

Your child tells the app their toy’s name, date of birth and type, before snapping a suitably-smart passport photo – no smiling, remember! – to create their passport.

The app will then create stamps with city, country and date when your child (and their toy) is travelling. There’s space for up to 96 journeys, which should be enough for even the most actively-travelling teds.

(Perhaps encourage your child not to get a stamp every time you take them to the shops, mind.)

It’s a sweet idea, and it may also help your child get used to the idea of real passports. I can imagine it coming in handy if your child is a bit of a nervous traveller, and you want to distract them with something positive, too.

Teddy Bear Passport costs £1.49 ($1.99) for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store.

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