Fuzzy House app is a hand-crafted treat for tablets

The more digital my life gets – and that of my children – the more I’m drawn to beautiful physical toys, from wood to wool. Some apps are inspired by those kinds of toys too, though. Fuzzy House, for example, is a lovely “doll house app” that stars a cast of woolly characters.

Fuzzy House

This iPad and Android tablet app is the work of a developer in Denmark, and its heroes are called “Fuzzies” – they look like hand-knitted animals.

“Kids can explore Fuzzy House, use their imagination and create their own stories as they play along,” explains its app store listing.

“What is going to happen in the house is up to you – is there going to be a tea party, is it time to tug the fuzzies to bed, take a bath or just sit by the fireplace and play the guitar?”

The game has a similar structure as doll-house apps like Toca Life: Vacation and Dr Panda School, as your child taps between scenes, and moves characters around to tell whatever stories they like.

Rather than over-slick computer graphics, everything in Fuzzy House has a hand-made (and, indeed, often fuzzy) feel. You can imagine children and parents making these scenes from stuff they find around the house.

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Actually, that’s something the developer is keen to inspire: if you visit their website, you’ll find a bunch of ideas: from making tiny beds to creating milk-carton boats.

What’s more, there are knitting patterns so parents can make the Fuzzies characters in the real world too. Needles at the ready! This is a truly charming app, and we hope it finds a decent audience among parents and children.

Fuzzy House costs £2.29 for iPad from Apple’s App Store, and £2.69 for Android from the Google Play store.

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