Shrek and friends star in a lovely morning-routine app

Are your children grumpy when you wake them up in the mornings? Join the club! But a new app called Wake Up with Shrek & Friends could help.

Well, we’re optimists. The app is a partnership between Hollywood studio DreamWorks Animation, which makes the Shrek films, and marvellous children’s apps developer Fox & Sheep.

Wake up with Shrek & Friends

It’s not just about Shrek, mind. The “friends” referred to in the title are characters from other DreamWorks films: Oh from Home; Po from Kung Fu Panda; Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon; and Skipper, Private and Alex the Lion from the Madagascar franchise.

The app, which is aimed at pre-school children, gets them to help the various characters start their day with a smile – not to mention their essential tasks.

“First, let the sunshine in! Then use each character’s favourite toys to wake them up. Help them brush their teeth, choose what they will have for breakfast, and finally, pack their bags,” explains its App Store listing.

It’s simple to use: children tap and swipe on the screen to use various objects to wake up the characters – from jack-in-the-boxes to guitars – and then to brush and wash, feed them breakfast and pack their bags.

Here’s our video review:

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The idea, as you may have guessed, is to pitch children the merits of a healthy morning routine, rather than (to quote an example close to home) rampaging round the house moaning, refusing to eat anything sensible, then having a massive tantrum on the way out of the door to school…

It’s a nice idea and beautifully done: the characters are big and bold, the app looks and sounds lovely, and there’s nothing confusing or stressful in the way that children play with it. Each character has their own scenes and items too, so there’s plenty of variety.

Wake Up with Shrek & Friends costs £2.99 for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store.

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