Super Yoga Bedtime app wants to chill kids out

How to get your children into bed and asleep of an evening? Common tactics: asking, telling, bribing, begging, warning, cuddling, and hollering up the stairs about Implications.

But have you tried… yoga? A new app called Super Yoga Bedtime aims to chill out your children before sending them off to slumber. The iPad app is the work of UK developer Cheeky Yogi.

Super Yoga Bedtime

“Super Yoga Bedtime is a superhero-themed yoga and mindfulness app that helps children wind down and let go of all the ‘stuff’ from their day,” explains its App Store listing.

“It’s the first children’s app to encourage a regular practice and everything is under 10 minutes so it’s easy to squeeze into a bedtime routine and perfect for little attention spans.”

We like the superhero theme, which makes the idea of meditation and mindfulness more appealing (we think) to children: positioning it as something fun to do, rather than just as a solution to stress – as many adult apps of this type are.

Your children can expect to try three yoga sequences, go on five “magical visualisation journeys”, and practise two breathing techniques to calm them down. The app tracks how long they’ve been using it, as well as rewarding them with badges as they progress.

It looks really nice, anyway. We also don’t think it’s just for children: Super Yoga Bedtime could be a really good idea for parents and children to do together – we all could do with a bit of relaxation around bedtime, after all!

Super Yoga Bedtime costs £3.99 for iPad from Apple’s App Store. We’ll be putting it through its paces for a proper video review later this week.

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