Train Kit is a virtual train set for iPhone and iPad

Toy train sets are wonderful things, whether wooden pre-school playthings or full-on replicas. New app Train Kit aims to take their joys to iPhone and iPad.

It’s the work of British developer Stripey Design, who we remember fondly from their inventive SquiggleFish app back in 2013. The follow-up is well worth the wait.

Train Kit

Train Kit starts with a blank board. Well, to be accurate it starts with a useful tutorial in how it works, but then it’s back to the board.

Children drag rails, bridges and tunnels from a carousel at the bottom of the screen to form their track, then can place houses, trees and other scenery around it. Then they choose one or more trains, drop them onto the track, and watch it go.

It’s really easy to use: although the app is aimed at 6-8 year-olds, I think younger children will also be able to have fun with it. Everything snaps together with a neat grid-based system, so there are no frustrations getting rails to line up.

The controls for setting the trains running are simple too: they can go slow, fast or even in reverse. There’s also a button to switch to a first-person view from the driver’s cab, to see how your little world has taken shape.

Like real train sets, the limits here are more about your imagination: children will love creating the twistiest, up-and-down-iest track possible then zooming along it with the driver’s view.

Here’s our video hands-on:

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There’s scope for more features to be added: for example, little humans wandering around, and perhaps even waiting at stations to catch the train.

Still, this is a really fun, creative app for kids in its current form. Train Kit costs £2.49 for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store.

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