Kids get spotting with RSPB First Birds app

Ever wished your children would get their noses out of tablets and look at the real world more? RSPB First Birds is an app that might just help.

Okay, it does involve having their nose in a tablet (or smartphone) a bit first. The app is the work of UK conservation charity the RSPB, and developed by Aimer Media.

RSPB First Birds

“This exciting and fully interactive app will engage your child in the wildlife around them! Colour in the birds, watch video footage and listen to their songs,” explains its App Store listing.

“Learn fascinating first facts, and add bright, animated stickers to wildlife scenes. With more than 40 screens of amazing activities. If you like stickering, drawing, tracing, colouring, videos and animation this is the app for you.”

And it certainly is. The app is divided into different scenes where children might encounter birds: the garden, park, countryside, seaside and river.

Each has a number of birds to investigate, from robins and blue tits to mallards, buzzards and barn owls.

For each bird, children can read a few key facts (with an audio narration option for kids who are still learning to read); watch a video; colour in or trace their own version; and set them as “spotted” or “favourites”.

(Both these lists can be accessed from the main menu, meaning that children can use the app as a journal of the wildlife they’ve spotted in the real world.)

Here’s our video hands-on:

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Something fun that I didn’t quite get to in the video is the fact that when children draw or trace a bird, it can then be dragged on to a scene like the other stickers. Hopefully your children’s efforts will be better than mine!

RSPB First Birds costs £3.99 for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store.

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