Eden Project to host special Pokémon Go event

As if wandering around Cornwall’s Eden Project biomes wasn’t fascinating enough, now there’ll be wild Pokémon to catch too.

Eden is holding a special Pokémon Go themed event next week, with the aim of attracting some of the game’s keenest players to visit.

Eden Project Pokemon Go

There are 26 Pokéstops at the Eden project, and the event’s organisers will be adding “lures” to each one during the day.

(Lures mean that many more Pokémon pop up in that location, if you’re wondering. The Eden Project will be literally festooned with wee virtual beasties as a result.)

The organisers are hoping fans will dress up in the colours of their Pokémon Go team or even as Pokémon, with plans to give prizes to the best-dressed visitors, as well as to whoever catches the most powerful Pokémon during the day.

“Eden is a great place to play Pokémon Go. As well as offering beautiful surroundings, we have loads of PokéStops and gyms and we seem to attract lots of Pokémon,” said Eden Live Project lead Marion Harrison.

“This event will be a great opportunity for trainers to have a day out at Eden while meeting other players and, hopefully, catching ‘em all!”

Fancy going along with your Pokémad kids? The event takes place on Saturday 3 September, although you’ll have to pay for entry as normal.

That said, there’s currently a big dinosaurs exhibition at the Eden Project, so children will be able to marvel at Dimorphodon, Triceratops and a T-Rex, as well as massed Pikachus, Clefairies and Vaporeons.

If you’re still puzzled by the Pokémon Go phenomenon, read our explainer feature: What is Pokémon Go and is it safe for children? The game has been a lucrative worldwide hit: it’s estimated that it made more than $250m in its first five weeks, with millions of players.

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