Shaun the Sheep gets augmented reality stickers

Can augmented-reality (AR) technology be cool for kids? Shaun the Sheep may be able to answer that question.

What is AR? When it comes to smartphones and tablets, the simplest definition is this: it involves pointing the device’s camera at the real world, and then seeing digital ‘stuff’ overlaid on it.

Shaun the Sheep Mardles

The Pokémon Go game is a very good example: players see the virtual beasties superimposed in the street, park or room that their phone’s camera is pointing at.

Mardles is another example. It’s a company that makes (real) stickers which, when looked at through its app, come to life. It has sold more than 350,000 packs of the stickers so far, and now it’s hoping Shaun will help even more parents and children discover it.

There are actually two Shaun sticker packs on sale: Mayhem in the Meadow and Shaun to be Wild, each costing £5.99 and containing 12 stickers, ready to be stuck wherever your children like.

When viewed using Mardles’ iOS or Android app, the characters become animations with sound, with children able to take snaps of them against whatever scenery is to hand.

The animations have been made in close collaboration with Aardman, the creator of Shaun the Sheep, so fans can be sure that they’ll be faithful to the characters they love.

“These have been designed to make parents as comfortable as possible. So there are no in-app purchases or registration details needed,” explained Mardles co-founder Sharon Wyness, as the stickers went on sale.

“We’ve had so much amazing feedback from children and parents who love the Mardles ranges and we can’t wait for them to have so much more fun with our Shaun the Sheep creations.”

You can expect to see the Shaun sticker packs on shopping channel QVC, but they can also be bought directly from the Shaun Stickers website.

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