Adventure Time gets a virtual reality game

There’s a big buzz among adults around virtual reality technology at the moment, thanks to the launch of VR headsets like PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

You might not spend several hundred pounds on one of those devices for your children, but there’s a cheaper form of VR that they can try out: Google Cardboard headsets, which come as flat-pack cardboard devices (hence the name!) and use your smartphone as their screen and computer.

Adventure Time VR: I See Ooo

All this is an introduction to the news that popular children’s show Adventure Time has got its own Google Cardboard game for Android smartphones. It’s called Adventure Time: I See Ooo VR, and it’s available now.

“Ice King has crashed Finn’s party in the worst possible way, using his malevolent magic to freeze and scatter the guests all over the Land of Ooo,” explains its app store listing.

“It’s up to you to find all the guests and track down the stolen swag so the party won’t end.”

This isn’t one game, it’s two mini-games: one involves gliding through the land of Ooo avoiding obstacles, while the other focuses on snowball-fighting against penguins.

Along the way, children can explore the Tree Fort building and unlock various Adventure Time characters – BMO, Jake, Princess Bubblegum and more. All while wearing the headset, so they feel like they’re truly in the world.

Cartoon Network is working on a third mini-game called Puzzle Path that will be available as a free download.

The game will work with any Google Cardboard headset and new-ish Android phone, but if you’re feeling flush, you can splash out on a special Jake-the-Dog headset, which costs £24.99 – you get a code with it to download the game for no added cost.

If you’re using your own headset, Adventure Time: I See Ooo VR costs £5.99 from the Google Play store.

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