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Escaping the Prison for PC

Escaping the Prison for PC

Help Henry escape from prison. Try to find all three endings!
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About Escaping the Prison For PC

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Download Escaping The Prison for PC free at AppsPlayground. PuffballsUnited. developed Escaping The Prison game for the Google Android and iOS, but you could also install Escaping The Prison on PC or computer. There are few important points listed below that you must follow and keep in mind before you start to download Escaping The Prison for PC.

Rather than a classic room escape, Escaping the Prison is more of an interactive adventure, similar to those lovely "choose your adventure" books in the old days. The story begins and you are some poor stick man in a prison cell and have just been given the gift of a cake. A cake that — due to the laziness of the guards — holds a surprise. Well, several surprises. Choose one of the several handy items that someone has left in the lovely pink cake and you're off on your escape plan.

Escaping the Prison is quite an enjoyable game although the graphics and the storyline are pretty primitive. And you are not alone in the scenes. The police, the guards and a whole lot of supporting actors, who are basically stick-figures, but play and act as real humans. You have a lot of items before you to use. By looking at the animations, which are more like hints for you, you have to figure out what item you need next to make a successful escape. Each choice leads to others, and so on. Most choices will result in failure, which throws you back in time to start over again. Finally, when you manage to find the correct way through the maze, you will be able to escape from the jail.

There are no controls, nor any inventory store. When you reach the end of a level, two or more items will pop up on the screen. Simply click on one to make that your choice, and then sit back and watch the consequences. Sometimes your choice will not include objects but actions, and those decisions have to be made quickly, or your poor prisoner will suffer the consequences.

Escape the Prison is a great time-pass game. Although not quite like the usual escape games, it uses stick figures as its characters which is a bit amusing. But it's really fun when you are trying hard to find your way out and you end up spending hours on the game. If you are new to this game, be assured that you will end up wasting a hell lot of time on this.

The animations are amusing, but what really brings them to life is the wicked actions, the lively voice-overs, and the awesome music track that accompanies your hopeless hero as he walks, crawls, argues, or runs for his freedom (or his life). It becomes so much fun watching the little guy fail, in fact, you might be more interested and enjoy in finding the failures than the actual escapes. How many ways can a stick figure die, anyway? The game is a really nice way of keeping yourself busy when you don't have anything important to do. However, be warned, you might get addicted to this game until the end. It's surely worth your try. Do let us know your thoughts on this game.

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How to Install Escaping The Prison for PC or MAC:

1. Begin by downloading BlueStacks for your PC.

2. As soon as the installer finishes downloading, open it to get started with the installation process.

3. Move with the quick installation steps just by clicking on "Next" for a few times.

4. While on the last step, click the "Install" button to get started with the installation process and click "Finish" when it is done.

5. Open the BlueStacks app using the Windows start menu or the desktop shortcut.

6. Connect a Google account by just signing in with your credentials, which might take few minutes.

7. Congrats! You can now install Escaping The Prison for PC through BlueStacks app either by searching Escaping The Prison app on the Google Play Store app or through apk file.
You are now ready to install Escaping The Prison for PC by opening the Google Play Store app once you’ve successfully installed BlueStacks emulator on your computer.

If at all you don’t find the Escaping The Prison app on the Play Store, you may still download the APK from this website and install the app. If you ever are planning to go with Andy to free install Escaping The Prison for Mac, you could still follow the above steps. Enjoy.


Download Escaping the Prison

Escaping the Prison for PC

Escaping the Prison for PC

Help Henry escape from prison. Try to find all three endings!