KBC Kids app brings ‘kid-friendly hip hop’ to iPad

Kid-friendly hip-hop? *quietly hides 2 Live Crew albums*

But yes, KBC Kids are a trio based in the US who make hip-hop for children. Now they’ve got an app, developed by Gabuduck – the company whose Miko and Cola app has already been distracting us all afternoon with its musical fun.

Like that app, KBC Kids is iPad-only, and uses a technology called Art Jam to make its music interactive for children (and, frankly, for parents).

It involves tapping on characters and other animated elements on-screen to trigger samples and music loops – including bass, drums and vocals.

The more you play with a scene, the more ‘controls’ you unlock to trigger new sounds. And you can re-record the sound for any element you like too, before recording your performance of a song, or taking a screenshot of the scene.

Two songs: Roller Coaster and Popsikini, are included, with a third (I Like Summer) unlockable for 69p. Others will be added in the coming weeks too.

The Art Jam technology works really well, especially for younger children who might not understand quite what they’re doing at first, but can just have fun tapping on the characters and making different sounds. Older kids will enjoy the customisation and recording though.

KBC Kids costs £1.99 on the App Store.

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