Me Books gathers digital picture-books for your iPhone or iPad

We’ve been following British developer Made in Me for a while now, on the strength of its Ladybird Classic Me Books and Peppa Pig Me Books apps with publisher Penguin, and its own innovative The Land of Me.

Now it’s got a new app based on the first two of those. This one’s just called Me Books, and rather than focus on a single collection of digital picture-books (Ladybird or Peppa), it brings together titles from lots of publishers.

More than 100 are available already within the app, sold for between 69p and £1.99 each using in-app purchases.

The Ladybird and Peppa books are included, but there are also several Beatrix Potter stories, Elmer (the patchwork element) and marvellous tale The Lonely Beast, which we’re fans of in its print edition.

As in the previous Penguin Me Books apps, each Me Book includes a “draw and record” feature where you or your child can select an area on any page and record your own sounds or words, whether it’s swapping Daddy Pig’s voice for Daddy’s, or (this may just be our sons) shouting “BUM!” at inappropriate points in the story.

You may not want to replace all the voice narration, mind: Made in Me has roped in some famous names to read the stories, including Richard E. Grant, Sir David Jason, Tamsin Greig, Adam Buxton and Josie Lawrence.

It’s very good, indeed, with the promise of more picture books (including some other famous children brands) to come in the near future. The in-app purchases element is also handled very well: your children won’t be bombarded with pop-ups encouraging them to spend money, or pester you to do it.

Me Books is a free download from the App Store, and runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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