Bloxy HD gives Lego some competition on iPhone and iPad

Meet Bloxy HD, a brand new app for iPhone and iPad that involves creating “your own world using the amazing Bloxy bricks and mini-figures”, choosing from more than 50 bricks and 14 figures.

Sound familiar? A bit… Lego-y? Yep.

Bloxy HD is an app by developer Next is Great, whose previous apps like Move the Turtle and Chess Academy for Kids we’ve been big fans of. Clearly inspired by blocky building toys like L**o, it takes the idea to touchscreen devices, with the idea of encouraging your children’s creative instincts.

They can choose different backgrounds and textures, as well as bricks to build with, while the resulting scenes can be saved as pictures to be shared with friends and family. Oh, and you can add different accounts for different children, so they don’t wipe over one another’s work.

Next is Great tells us that Bloxy HD is aimed at 5-12 year-olds, and that it’s the first in a new ‘All-About-Bricks’ series of apps, with more to come.

There are quite a few official Lego apps already available on the App Store, but Bloxy HD has a creative spark that could win over parents. It costs 69p on the App Store, and runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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