Shape up with Shape Arts: Create and Share app

Shape Arts: Geometry Creations

We really liked educational app Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge in October. Now it has a follow-up: Shape Arts: Create and Share.

That was about solving maths puzzles through shape knowledge, but its successor is more about creativity: using deliberately-limited numbers of shapes.

“Boost brain power and math skills while creating colorful geometric creatures, people and objects. Turn your creation into a cool puzzle for others to solve and take a picture of your masterpiece,” explains the App Store listing.


That hints at the long-term fun to be had here: children can play with the puzzles made by other people using the app, and build their own to share with the community.

Developer Lighthouse Learning has cottoned on to the fact that connecting up children using an app can make it more engaging, not necessarily more worrying for parents.

Shape Arts: Create and Share is currently free to download for iPad on Apple’s App Store – this is only until the end of tomorrow (Saturday 14 December), so it’ll presumably be a paid app after that.

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