Fiete Sports is a screen-tapping athletics game for kids

For parents of a certain age, Fiete Sports will bring back memories of joystick-waggling / button-mashing (delete according to age) athletics games in their youth.

It’s a multi-event sports game released with great timing for the Olympic Games, although given the commercial restrictions around the latter, there is naturally no reference to the Olympics, Rio or anything else that could get developer Ahoiii Entertainment into hot water.

Fiete Sports

Anyway, the game is great fun. Children play as Fiete the sailor, who’s been the star of all Ahoiii’s apps so far, trying his hand at everything from farming to maths.

Here, he’s going for gold in five events in the “summer games” – that brings back memories of a specific game I spent way too many hours on when I was a child – including running, cycling, hurdles, swimming and shot put.

The controls are simple: for running, swimming and cycling kids simply have to tap on the screen as fast as they can to make Fiete (hopefully) race ahead of his rivals. Pro tip: mastering two (or even more) fingers tapping is quite useful here.

Hurdling is more about tapping the screen at the right time for jumps, while shot put involves dragging and then tapping. The games are easy enough to not frustrate young children, but with enough challenge to keep their attention as they try to win a full set of gold medals.

Here’s our video review:

In the absence of an official Olympic Games mobile game for children, which is a missed opportunity if you ask me, Fiete Sports is a fun way to capitalise on the excitement around the Rio games – which has certainly infected my sons this week.

Who knows, it may even inspire your children to get out into your garden or local park to do some athletics of their own. Although keep an eye on your rockery if they like the shot put…

Fiete Sports is a free download for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store, and a free download for Android from the Google Play store. Expect more events to be added in future updates, too.

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