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Monster Legends - RPG for PC

Monster Legends - RPG for PC

Collect, Train & Battle rare monsters! Build a world in an online PvP RPG game!
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About Monster Legends - RPG For PC

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BrowserCam provides you with Monster Legends for PC (Windows) download for free. Although Monster Legends app is developed and designed for the Android and iOS by Social Point, you could also install Monster Legends on PC for your laptop or desktop. You will find a few important steps listed below that you will need to keep in mind before you can start downloading Monster Legends for PC.

Monsters Legend is a popular simulation battle game which is free to download and play. In this game, you catch and breed monsters to make them battle ready against other monsters. The game starts with you receiving an egg and some free in-game cash which is to be used to hatch and breed your monsters.

You play as the mom or dad of your monster and are responsible for its upbringing. You have to provide your monsters with a habitat, food, and companionship. Each monster has a specific element type which defines their special abilities and powers. Each monster needs a special habitat type. By breeding two types of monsters, say, a fire and an earth, the resulting egg will produce a monster that has abilities from both elements and can live in either one of the habitats. Breeding is simple: just drag the two monsters onto the breeding ground structure and let the magic happen. The game doesn’t even seem to care what gender the parents are which seems weird. But hey, it's just a game.

Other tasks in the game include clearing rocks, trees, and meteorites to make room for more structures. However, you can only have one worker performing a task at a time unless you spend for some premium currency: you can buy them through in-app purchases. Habitats and farms can be upgraded, though doing so quickly gets expensive in terms of gold and time. It almost feels like the game is designed for you to spend some real money if you really want to play it seriously and want to progress faster in the game.

When you’ve got a few monsters on your side, the next step is to load them onto your airship and send them to a chain of islands where they will battle with the bad monsters. Combat is a matter of picking which attacks or abilities to use against your opponents. Victories earn experience points for both you and your monster, as well as potential gold or resources. Both XP and food help you in leveling up monsters and make them learn new abilities as they advance. They also grow physically and transform at regular intervals, giving them a bit of extra personality every time.

The graphics, animations and sound effects are just perfect. The gameplay, although quite easy, needs a bit of time to master all the aspects of the game. Monsters Legends didn't seem to be very engaging or addictive. Although the concept is quite new, it's very similar to other such games like Mighty Monsters or Moshi Monsters Village. Summoners War is also a similar game to try out.

How to Install Monster Legends for PC or MAC:

1. Get started by downloading BlueStacks Android emulator on your PC.

2. Soon after the installer completes downloading, click on it to get you started on the installation process.

3. Move on with all the easy installation steps by clicking on "Next" for a couple times.

4. If you notice the "Install" option on your screen, just click on it to get started on the last installation process and click "Finish" right after it is over.

5. Launch the BlueStacks app from within the Windows start menu or from the desktop shortcut.

6. If this is the first time you using the BlueStacks Android emulator, you will have to link your Google account to the emulator.

7. Congrats! You may now install Monster Legends for PC by using BlueStacks app either by searching for Monster Legends app on the Play Store app or with the help of the apk file.

You can easily install Monster Legends for PC by using the apk file if you cannot find the app in the Google Play Store app just by clicking on the apk file. BlueStacks Android emulator will install the app. You can actually follow the above process even if you plan to select Andy OS or you plan to choose free install Monster Legends for MAC.


Download Monster Legends - RPG

Monster Legends - RPG for PC

Monster Legends - RPG for PC

Collect, Train & Battle rare monsters! Build a world in an online PvP RPG game!