Dipdap gets a drawing app for iPhone, iPad and Android

Have your children ever watched Dipdap? It’s screened on CBeebies here in the UK, and it’s fab: the adventures of a little almost-stick man in a world where objects and creatures are scribbled as he wanders along.

Now there’s an app for that. Dipdap was released for iPhone, iPad and Android yesterday by developer Cube Interactive, whose Band Cyw and Y Fferm apps we wrote about last year.

The app matches the cartoon in its focus on drawing. “Dipdap comes with 16 beautifully animated adventures that prompts the child to draw in missing objects that, once drawn, enables Dipdap to complete his mission,” explains its app store listing.

“These adventures are designed to inspire your child’s imagination – turn off the set guides and the child is free to draw whatever they wish. Watch Dipdap respond to the lines drawn, playback and share with friends and family.”

The app is aimed at 2-6 year-olds, who we think will love the freeform aspect as much as the missions. It’s also part of a mini-trend we’ve seen for kids’ drawing apps to provide prompts to spark their young audiences’ creativity: see also Night Zookeeper Teleporting Torch and Sago Mini Doodlecast for other examples.

Cube promises no in-app purchases or advertising, so you pay once and get everything the app has to offer. Dipdap costs £1.99 for iPhone and iPad on Apple’s App Store, and £2.39 on Android’s Google Play store.

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