Kids Discover app tells children what the Romans did for us


When I think back to the distinctly-dry textbooks that were often used to teach history when I was a child, I feel very jealous of what’s available to children today.

The latest app that’s spurring this feeling is Roman Empire by Kids Discover, the latest in a series of smart educational iPad apps from Kids Discover, which made its name selling magazines before moving into the apps field.

This latest one focuses on ancient Rome, taking in its founding story, the daily lives of rich and poor Romans alike, leisure pursuits and the way it all ultimately came crashing down.

“Travel back in time and discover far-reaching contributions of the Roman Empire, with a 360-degree panorama of the Pantheon, an interactive Roman Soldier, a view of the Colosseum past and present, and a deep examination into the culture and architecture of the time that still endures today,” explains the App Store listing.


As with previous Kids Discover apps, it’s all neatly presented with an emphasis on big, striking images rather than reams and reams of text. It sounds like an ideal primer if you’re planning to visit Rome with your children, or simply as a way for them to dig deeper into the place and period of history.

Roman Empire by Kids Discover costs £2.49 for iPad on Apple’s App Store, but if you like the format, you may wish to check out some of the previous releases by the company: we can recommend the apps based on Ecology, Cells and Galaxies for example, but there is a wide range available.

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