Doctor Who gets an official colouring app for kids

Adult colouring books are all the rage, so I suspect the new BBC Colouring: Doctor Who app will appeal to Whovian parents as well as children.

Developed by Scary Beasties and released by BBC Worldwide, the app offers 45 Doctor-related images to digitally colour in.

BBC Colouring: Doctor Who

Split into galleries – Doctors, Enemies, Patterns, Scenes and Lettering – colouring is as simple as pinching to zoom in and out, dragging to move around the image, and tapping to colour in a section.

There’s a good selection of colours, meaning children can be as realistic (or, alternatively as surreal) as they like when choosing how their pictures look. Green hair on the Doctor? Why not…

Once pictures are finished, they can be saved to the device’s camera roll, and/or shared on social networks if you’re really proud of your handiwork.

One of the first reviews on Apple’s App Store mentions “missing lines” in some of the images: that’s where lines aren’t complete, so the colour bleeds between different sections. I noticed this too: a small but frustrating bug.

Still, for the most part this app works very well, and while it’s not as much fun as trying to draw the Tardis for yourself and colouring it in with actual pencils or pens, there is plenty of enjoyment to be had for Doctor Who fans young and old.

Here’s our video hands-on so you can see how it works:

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BBC Colouring: Doctor Who costs £2.29 for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store, and £2.29 for Android from the Google Play store.

The “BBC Colouring” tag makes me wonder if some other shows from the broadcaster could get similar treatment in their own apps in the months to come…

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