Mussila DJ app gives kids virtual wheels of steel

Letting children DJ is always a risky affair, unless you relish the idea of an hour-long set consisting purely of Gangnam Style on repeat. Thankfully Mussila DJ doesn’t go there.

Instead, it’s a fun DJing app by children’s apps developer Mussila aimed at 6-11 year-olds, which wants to get them experimenting with beats, loops and mixes.


“Mussila DJ comes with a set of songs, loops, beats and nature sounds which kids can add to by recording their own,” explains its App Store listing.

“Capture sounds from the environment and voices through the microphone and add them to the collection of vinyls and loops. Layer them for a live musical performance and vary the speed and volumes – and scratch – like a real DJ.”

It all takes place across some well-designed screens that make it easy to choose songs and sounds, then string them together into a mix that sounds great.

While it’s easy to use, there is a a lot of flexibility to Mussila DJ too: the more children practise with it, the better they’ll get and the more impressive their musical creations will be.

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Mussila DJ is a free download for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store. And if you like the sound of this – and apps that encourage children’s musical creativity – you should also check out the developer’s previous release, Mussila.

“It’s a really fun idea: a band of musical monsters travelling across a mountainous landscape playing songs. Your children join in by recognising instruments, rhythms and melodies, as well as by playing and recording their own tunes,” is what we said about it when we reviewed it.

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