Kids discover the secrets of the Incas in new iPad app


What do you know about the Incas? Really know, I mean. I’m ashamed to say that my knowledge of one of the world’s most fascinating ancient tribes could be written on the back of a postage stamp.

That’s why new iPad app Incas by Kids Discover appeals to me as much as it’ll appeal to my son – and it’ll appeal to him a lot, as he’s currently absorbed by all forms of history: the older and more mysterious the better.

Part of the impressive Kids Discover series of educational apps (see also: Geology, Romans, Ecology, Geography, Matter, Ancient Greece, Cells, Antarctica and more) it’s a guide to all things Incan: where they lived, how their empire was run, their preferred means of transport and other topics.

“Kids will journey back in time to discover the fascinating culture and traditions of the Incas, with a 360-degree panorama of Machu Picchu, a timeline of great Incan rulers, and a deep delve into the many practices commonly attributed to this great civilisation,” explains its App Store listing.

As with previous apps in the series, there’s a mixture of photos, videos and audio, as well as 3D models to interact with, quizzes and puzzles, and easy-to-understand text explaining the subject matter.

We think your kids will come out of it knowing a lot more about the Incas, and it may spark their interest further, looking for YouTube videos, books and TV shows to tell them more.

Incas by Kids Discover costs £2.49 for iPad from Apple’s App Store.

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