BBC CBeebies Playtime Island app has games and fun

The two apps from British children’s TV channel CBeebies – CBeebies Playtime and CBeebies Storytime – have been firm favourites with pre-schoolers in the UK, with more than 9m downloads so far between them.

Now they’ve been joined by a brand new app, CBeebies Playtime Island, which has been released today for Apple, Android and Amazon devices.

CBeebies Playtime Island

As the title makes clear, this is a step on from the original Playtime app, which was a collection of games based on the channel’s shows.

“Pick a vehicle and jump on the ferry to play games with all your favourite CBeebies friends, on an island full of fun,” explains its app store listing.

“Kids can explore Playtime Island and find lots of fun, free games to play. Hop around with Peter Rabbit, help The Furchester Hotel serve food for guests, join Topsy and Tim at the farm or go on a pre-historic adventure with Andy.”

The games are as fun as parents and children have come to expect from the channel, whether in the previous app or in the games on its website.

The BBC is promising to update Playtime Island regularly: expect some Christmas-themed fun in December, for example. Soon after that, the Beeb says kids will be able to customise their island with the games they like best, downloading them from a catalogue online.

If you’ve ever wondered why CBeebies has more new games online than in its Playtime app, here’s an answer:

“CBeebies Playtime Island was built using a new platform we call Pick n Mix, which lets us adapt our existing online games more easily and efficiently for mobile,” said the BBC’s head of children’s products Lucie McLean, as the new app came out.

“It means we can bring more of the games our audiences love to the devices they love playing them on.”

BBC CBeebies Playtime Island is a free download for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store; a free download for Android from the Google Play store; and a free download for Amazon devices from its Appstore. Note, due to the BBC’s licensing restrictions, it’s a UK-only app for now.

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